"The self is revealed through the sound and characteristics of the voice. The process of finding one's voice, one's own sound, is a metaphor for finding one's self.

Diane Austin


The human voice is an expressive instrument that resides in the body. It therefore reflects and is influenced by what is happening in our body, such as emotions, sensations and thoughts. Each part of our psyche will have a different story and therefore a different voice.

Here is what we use to explore, expand and embody your voice :

  • Vocal sound

  • Movement

  • Breathing and felt sense

  • Verbal processing of thoughts, feelings and beliefs

  • Imagery and active imagination

  • Improvisation

  • Song

  • Enactment

  • Other creative arts – creative writing and drawing.


VMT is the only Expressive Arts Therapy where the voice is the main mode of expression. The work is body-oriented, therapeutic and creative.


VMT explores the broad scope of the human voice:

  • The physical and acoustic voice - the vocal sound that we produce and hear

  • The expressive voice - that communicates our emotions, feelings and thoughts

  • The metaphorical voice -  our identity, values and courage to be heard

  • The artistic voice - our creative voice, our songs, poems and other original work.

For more information about Voice Movement Therapy please go to: http://www.iavmt.org/whatisvmt.html


For all those who seek personal or professional empowerment through the embodied voice.

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) can be beneficial for anyone who wishes to explore and develop their singing and speaking voice. This includes those who use their voice professionally and anyone who is looking for vocal and personal development. VMT focuses on expression rather than technique, so no previous singing experience is necessary.