Sebastiana Black, VMTR, MBACP, MA

Sebastiana grew up in Czechoslovakia, where freedom of expression and speech wasn't granted. This impacted on family cultures too where feelings were often left unacknowledged and unspoken. As a child and teenanger she looked for other opportunities to express herself through singing, dancing, acting, writing poetry and studying foreign languages. Her upbringing created the perfect conditions to spark her life-long interest in expressive arts, psychotherapy and personal development.

Sebastiana is a professional registered member of the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy (IAVMT) and has been practicing Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) since 2008. She has a private practice and facilitates workshops and events in Norwich and UK.

She integrates VMT into her clinical work as an Integrative Arts Child Counsellor at the charity Break, working with children and teenagers who have experienced trauma and their caregivers. She also works with drama students at the University of East Anglia, developing their creative expression.

She has offered many voice workshops, including collaborations with dancers and dance-movement therapists, in Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has also done work in France.

Her unique therapeutic vocal work cultivates awareness and acceptance of the voice, which becomes a tool for embodiment, personal and spiritual growth, soul work and empowered creativity.

Sebastiana's work is inspired and informed by her practice of Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion, Reggie Ray's somatic work, Tara Brach's western Buddhist psychology, vocal work of Kristin Linklater, inner critic and child work by Thich Nhat Hanh and Jay Earlie, and Bill Plotkin's depth psychology. She recently trained to teach the Mindful Self-Compassion programme.

As a singer and songwriter she has performed in the duet The Fire Doves and the folk band Zaramo.

CREATIVE WORK not desire, not

a wooing of something that’s finally attained;

Song is existence...


Rainer Maria Rilke

Sebastiana performs her original and traditional songs in a duet The Fire Doves with Birgitta Campbell, a fiddle player. Sebastiana's songs explore life's most poignant themes like relationships, connection, emotions, meaning, time, death, change and more. Many of Sebastiana's lyrics are inspired by the beauty and wisdom of the natural world that often reflects our inner world and answers the most pressing questions we face.

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Sebastiana sings in Malka, a short film (4 m 52 s) dedicated to refugee children everywhere, evoking the journey of a young girl refugee, Malka, and her mother across wilderness and hardship in search of safety. The film features haunting acoustic music and lyrics by Stefan Freedman, accompanied by atmospheric mixed media illustrations by Lois Cordelia. Malka has been shown in numerous film festival such as in Greece, US, India and UK. Malka won 'Best Music' award at Kulcata Shorts (India) international festival. 

Since 2014 The Fire Doves have been collaborating with Helen Wells, a Norwich-based artist and film maker. Together they have created artistic videos that echo and support the underlying messages of Sebastiana's songs.

Each video is filmed in a different season - Deep Song in winter, Falling in autumn and Forgotten Life in summer.

Sebastiana sings in the band Zaramo, a Norfolk based world music and ceilidh band, with a repertoire of Balkan, French and other international songs. Zaramo is available for weddings, parties, festivals, etc and will insure to offer a fun and ecclectic ceilidh for your occasion.

For more information about Zaramo, to listen to their music and view videos visit: