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“Working on the vocal instrument does not only nurture the sonorous power of the acoustic voice, it releases the soulful power of our psychological voice and increases the sound of our presence in the world. Having a voice means having an impact and influence. Our voice is the means by which we make ourselves known and ensure that we are heard.”  P. Newham


I now offer sessions online via Zoom or Skype.

"The series of one to one sessions that I did with Sebastiana had a huge impact on my personal and professional life. It has opened up my mind and body to other ways of expressing myself as a creative being. I quite literally 'found my voice' (or began to do so) at a time when I needed desperately to do so. The techniques that I learnt gave me new-found confidence. They grounded me in my body whilst allowing me to fly, as I made a permanent move overseas. The sessions with Sebastiana supported me to safely release and let go of the old, whilst confidently welcoming new experiences.
I can dare to improvise, dare to express myself, I can make myself heard.
I would recommend Sebastiana's sessions and workshops to anyone and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with Sebastiana again in the future."

T.D. 2019

The individual sessions are tailored to your personal and vocal needs, your intentions and your unique voice. The first session usually includes taking your vocal and personal history and a gentle introduction to the work. Subsequent sessions evolve according to what you and your voice most require in general and on the day.

This work requires commitment in order to see changes in your vocal and personal patterns. Committing to 6 sessions is therefore advisable before we review your progress.


Sessions take place in the centre of Norwich. Parking is available. I will send you directions after you book your first session.

Now that the sessions take place online, I am offering them at lower cost, depending on your circumstances, starting from £20-£40 per hour. The cost of the face to face session is £45 per hour. Limited amount of concessionary rates are available for those who need it. The sessions are payable on the day by cash or bank transfer. If you cancel with less than 48 hour notice, your session is chargeable.


"Sebastiana's workshops are a deeply moving experience, and yet also light and playful.  She holds a safe space where you feel free to start experimenting with your voice, testing and exploring its possibilities, learning about what more you could do with it. This work is useful for performance and also for life. Highly recommended." Gabriella, Something From Nothing theatre company, Brighton 2018

COVID 19- Please be aware we will be following government guidelines on social distancing (maybe better called "safe relating"), keeping this educational event well below the government limit of 30 people, having washing facilities available. The barn is spacious and the door will be kept open for fresh air.

Mindful Voice in Nature

Saturday 10 October


Stapleton Farm, near Aylsham

Early bird before 13 September £35. Thereafter £45. Concessions available.






In this experiential workshop we will be exploring our voice indoors and outdoors in relationship to nature. Connecting with nature with all our senses will sharpen and deepen the sensory experience of our whole voice as we sound, sing, speak, imagine and create individually and in the group. We will be based in a barn next to a meadow, orchard and a small woodland where we will venture to and connect with the land, beings, the elements and ourselves. This is an opportunity to deeply participate in and become aware of the gifts that nature within and without offers us.


The day will include vocal exercises, breathing, improvisation, singing, creative writing and drawing, mindfulness and self-compassion meditations and sharing. We will explore songs in nature, their energy, story, rhythm and possibilities how to express them. We will find ourselves either in movement or in stillness, focusing on embodiment, coming into the present moment, opening up the voice, releasing tension and bringing compassion to our experiences.We will savour what we encounter - the earth, the air, the sky, the trees.., and let it inspire our vocal expression, imagination, ground and nurture us, feel ourselves becoming more fluid, spacious and connected to ourselves and others. In this space we may discover what most needs our attention and gain insight.

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing for movement

  • Clothing for spending time outside and in the barn (warm layers, water proof clothing if it is wet, sunscreen, hat, etc)

  • Blanket for comfort and warmth when sitting

  • Pen and notepad/journal

  • Water bottle and a packed lunch

  • There are chairs in the barn to sit on or you can bring a cushion

  • A mat for movement work on the floor (it is a stone floor so it can get a bit cool)

  • Tea and coffee will be provided.

No experience with voice or meditation necessary, just willingness to try and to sit quietly.

Small group, limited to 10 people to ensure greater connection, trust, depth of exploration. Please book early.





We are slowly coming out of the lockdown. Our lives may have changed during the recent pandemic. After our great sessions in June, I am offering again Mindful Voice online to give us a space to be with ourselves in a mindful and embodied way, to listen to our bodies and voices and hear and express what is most present and pressing for us. What do we need to abandon, what do we encourage?

Mindful Voice

4 Zoom online meetings

Mondays 13, 20, 27 July and 3 August

7pm-8:30pm (BST)






Each session stands alone or you can attend them all

Suggested donations (£5-£20), depending on your situation

It is an opportunity to :

  • Connect with the experiential wisdom of our whole voice: the acoustic/expressive voice- speaking, sounding and singing; the inner voice- how we relate to ourselves and our creative voice; and the metaphorical voice- who we are and wish to be in the world

  • Investigate our whole voice in relation to our body, mind, heart and different aspects of our self, increase self-awareness, release tension and physical blocks

  • Explore Voice Movement Therapy principles and practices such as vocal sound, breath, movement, specific vocal qualities and body postures, improvisation, creative writing, imagery and song

  • Learn Mindful Self-Compassion attitudes and practices that guide us towards more acceptance, courage, resilience and a kinder relationship with our voice and ourselves

  • Expand your expressive range and your ability to meet and regulate your experiences

  • Gain more confidence, access to creativity and insight and understanding of inhibitions and limiting patterns



Voice and Intention Monday 13 July

We will look at the whole voice (acoustic, internal, creative and metaphorical) and the attitudes we need to access it. In the experiential part we will focus on the embodiment of our voice and cultivating a mindful and self-compassionate attention to our voice, body and mind. The vocal exercises will enable us to release tension, ground, soothe and uplift, reconnect our body and mind and expand our whole voice. There will be opportunities to create an intention and embody and investigate it through voice and movement.


Voice and Self-Compassion Monday 20 July

We will explore how embodied self-compassion can support our voice, self-expression, creativity and relationship to ourselves. After a compassionate body scan with humming, we will look at the gestures of self-compassion and yin and yang of self-compassion. We will focus both on soothing and empowering vocal qualities that embody self-compassion whilst enriching our expression. There will be an opportunity to experiment with songs or poems and invite the two aspects of self-compassion into our expression - softness and strength.


Voice and Wholeness Monday 27 July

This meeting will concentrate on our vocal and personal flexibility, exploring different aspects of ourselves through the malleability of the voice and some specific resonant qualities and the movement of the body. How can we mindfully and with compassion approach and befriend what is present? We will work with the metaphor of the vocal instrument that is embodied and connected to our psychological, emotional, mental and physical states. The session will include sounding, singing, movement, creative writing, image work and sharing.


Voice and Courage Monday 3 August

In this final meeting we will investigate how we use our voice in the world. Do we hold back, push too hard, please or can we find a balanced and authentic expression? Using the metaphor and embodiment of the kinaesthetic sphere and the planes of expression we will create a mindful space for our voice and energy. There will be an opportunity to share our creativity wholeheartedly and to reflect on what you may want to take forward.

After each session you will receive free resources to keep (vocal exercises, meditation practices- recorded or written) and other materials (information about vocal qualities we will practice and mindful self-compassion).


Suitable for anyone who seeks personal or professional empowerment through the embodied voice and Mindful Self-Compassion.

The sessions will be mostly experiential with some theoretical background, and interactive. We will have our cameras on so we can engage with each other and share. We won't be always able to sound together due to the sound delay on Zoom. Zoom platform is secure. You will need to download the application before we meet and have a working camera and microphone.


​No previous experience is necessary.

Group size is kept small (up to 10) to ensure greater connection, trust and depth of exploration.



An experiential day of exploration of your singing, sounding, speaking, creative and inner voice in a nonjudgemental and supportive environment:


  • Experience how the embodied voice deepens your presence and brings awareness to your whole body and mind, including sensations, feelings and different aspects of your selves.


  • Learn a variety of tools to use your whole voice for self-regulation, releasing tension, extending your expressive and vocal range, gaining insight and confidence, and cultivating self-compassion.


  • The day will include voice and movement exercises, work with imagery, intention and songs, improvisation, creative writing, sharing and periods of silence with compassionate practices.


  • No experience necessary!


Sebastiana is an experienced facilitator, singer and therapist. Her work draws on years of supporting others and herself to grow through the use of the voice, expressive arts and self-compassion.

Spaces limited to 10 participants, please book early.



Your Expressive Voice Lab

Inner Space, Norwich

Saturday 15 June 2019, 10:30am-1pm



An opportunity to explore your voice in connection to your body and psyche and to discover its therapeutic potential:

  • Mindfully connect your voice to your body, breath, feelings, imagination and different aspects of your self

  • Release tension, soothe your nervous system and feel revitalised by your own freed expression and creativity

  • Discover the joys and depths of vocal sounds, simple songs and improvisation. 


Open to those new to Voice Movement Therapy as well as those of you with previous experience who would like to revisit what you may already know, discover more and go deeper.

Come to one session or both.

Early booking essential. Spaces limited. Small group.


Your Expressive Voice Group (YEVG) offers a supportive space to explore the relationship between your voice, body and mind.



“I found the group had numerous benefits.  On a practical level, breathing techniques helped with speaking from the tummy and abdomen, not just the throat and upper chest so ...  less strain.  Also some of the activities highlight how we find our voice in a group.  As my work involves a fair amount of talking in meetings this was professionally relevant.  On a personal level the sessions also encourage noticing the link between emotions and voice both in yourself and others.  And it was fun and freeing to be 'allowed' to make as much or as little noise as you wished!" 

Jane, EVG, Norwich 2018

“I have felt totally safe and supported with my voice and that is very freeing.” Summer, December 2016

“I discovered how natural and freeing it is to use my voice and what a great tool and channel it is.

Sam, EVG, Spring 2018

Currently there no dates set for this group. If you are interested in taking part in one in the future please get in touch here:

The content of this weekly group can be taylored to the needs of your school, college, choir or any other group interested in vocal exploration.

In this experiential group we will be exploring our unique voice and its relationship to our whole person, discovering how the voice connects with the body, feelings, imagination, different aspects of the psyche and our story.

Working with vocal sounds, breath, movement, imagery, songs, improvisation, creative writing and drawing and group sharing will support you to learn practical ways to look after your voice and develop more flexibility and expressive range in your speaking, sounding and singing voice.

The sessions will also focus on embodying different vocal qualities and body postures, finding out how they connect with your feelings and help you to express more of who you are. Your voice will be explored in relationship to yourself and others.

You will investigate what holds you back, including the inner critic, fear, physical tension and other barriers to free expression whilst bringing more awareness, ease, spontaneity and authenticity to your expression.

Each week you will receive a handout that explores a specific vocal component/s and its implications. Recording of songs that we will sing in the group to experiment with different vocal qualities will be also provided. 

The group draws on the practices and principles of Voice Movement Therapy, the teachings of Mindfulness and Mindful Self-compassion, somatic work and depth psychology.

No previous experience necessary.

It will be a small group (up to 10 people) to allow the work to go deeper, and therefore places are limited.

Booking is essential.

Upon request a certificate of attendance can be emailed to you after attending any of my workshops.